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Las ecuaciones, esos conjuntos de números y símbolos separados por el signo igual, son el alma de las matemáticas, los angeles ciencia y l. a. tecnología. Sin ellas, nuestro mundo no existiría en su forma genuine: escondidas para muchos, han constituido una fuerza motriz en l. a. civilización humana durante miles de años, abriendo nuevas perspectivas en campos tan variados como las comunicaciones, l. a. tecnología espacial o l. a. física nuclear. Que así es, es algo que se encarga de demostrar, con su maestría routine, el distinguido matemático y reputado divulgador Ian Stewart. Para ello ha seleccionado 17 ecuaciones, pertenecientes a dos grupos diferentes. Uno es el de las ecuaciones que revelan regularidades matemáticas, como el teorema de Pitágoras, que nos cube cómo están relacionados los tres lados de un triángulo rectángulo, mientras que el otro es el de las ecuaciones que expresan leyes de l. a. naturaleza, como l. a. ley de gravitación common de Newton, las ecuaciones del electromagnetismo de Maxwell, l. a. ecuación de Schrödinger de l. a. mecánica cuántica, o l. a. ecuación desarrollada por Claude Shannon que outline cuánta información contiene un mensaje.
In In Pursuit of the Unknown, celebrated mathematician Ian Stewart makes use of a handful of mathematical equations to discover the very important connections among math and human growth. we frequently put out of your mind the ancient hyperlink among arithmetic and technological advances, says Stewart—but this connection is fundamental to any whole figuring out of human history.
Equations are modeled at the styles we discover on this planet round us, says Stewart, and it's via equations that we will make feel of, and in flip effect, our global. Stewart locates the origins of every equation he presents—from Pythagoras’s Theorem to Newton’s legislations of Gravity to Einstein’s idea of Relativity—within a selected historic second, elucidating the improvement of mathematical and philosophical concept valuable for every equation’s discovery. None of those equations emerged in a vacuum, Stewart indicates; every one drew, not directly, on previous equations and the taking into consideration the day. In flip, all of those equations lead the way for significant advancements in arithmetic, technology, philosophy, and expertise. with no logarithms (invented within the early seventeenth century through John Napier and stronger by way of Henry Briggs), scientists should not have been in a position to calculate the flow of the planets, and mathematicians don't have been in a position to increase fractal geometry. The Wave Equation is likely one of the most crucial equations in physics, and is essential for engineers learning the vibrations in autos and the reaction of structures to earthquakes. And the equation on the center of knowledge thought, devised through Claude Shannon, is the foundation of electronic verbal exchange today.
An approachable and informative consultant to the equations upon which almost each element of medical and mathematical figuring out relies, In Pursuit of the Unknown can also be a reminder that equations have profoundly motivated our considering and proceed to make attainable some of the advances that we take without any consideration.

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