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By Radhika Singha

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This quantity bargains with law-making as a cultural company within which the colonial country needed to draw upon present normative codes of rank, prestige and gender, and re-order them to a brand new and extra unique definition of the state's sovereign correct.

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Where the degree of suspicion was lower still, he could be confined till he found someone to stand surety for his good behaviour. 128 In their responses to the queries circulated by Governor-General Cornwallis in 1789-90, British magistni"~ criticized 'confinement during pleasure' as too lenient for offencC$ such as dacoity, and as instrumental to corruption. 129 But they also criticized it as too severe a penalty in other cases; for it could mean a virtual life sentence. 125 Here darogba refers to the supervisor ofthe court, a position resembling that of the judge-magistrate.

The social weight behind the surathai may have also influenced the individual depositions sometimes submitted with it, or the 15 Subsequently, the police darogha's surathaI was supposed to distinguish between eyewitness and hearsay evidence, Reg 20, s 13, cI 2, 1817. Iii Cf. surathal sent by the naib in pargana Kerakut, RB to GG in C, 2 I June 1789, BRC P/51139, I July 1789. The canungo's role in representinf; the zamindars' point of view to the ruling authority and in bringing revenue transactions to a successful conclusion was particularly significant.

And Kew:tlram was recalled. , pp. 768-94. Sipahis: soldiers. 21 RB to GG in C, 27 February 1792, BRJ P/I27178, 13 April /792. pp. 524-889. 2M Ibid. IJ '2~ '~"~, '~'l:. ~~;;-... 29 The other line of action 'vas the arrest of all parties of Stir Bajuas in the vicinity. One gqup 0: men and women were sent by the amil of neighbouring Azamgarh in Awadh, 'on the mere principle', reponed the resiClent, 'that being of that caste . '30 The inve§tigation therefore proceeded on the assumption that it was quite legitimate to arrest m~mbers of the' family or community of the offender, and that the lower orders could be roughly shaken down for information on certain kinds of crime.

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