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By Russell Thornton

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This demographic evaluation of North American Indian historical past describes intimately the holocaust that, even at the present time, white american citizens are inclined to brush aside as an unlucky concomitant of happen future. they need to put out of your mind that, as Euro-Americans invaded North the USA and prospered within the "New World," the numbers of local peoples declined sharply; whole tribes, frequently within the area of some years, have been "wiped from the face of the earth."


The fires of the holocaust that ate up American Indians blazed within the fevers of newly encountered ailments, the flash of settlers’ and infantrymen’ weapons, the ravages of "firewater," and the scorched-earth regulations of the white invaders. Russell Thornton describes how the holocaust had as its factors sickness, conflict and genocide, removing and relocation, and destruction of aboriginal methods of life.


Until lately so much students appeared reluctant to take a position approximately North American Indian populations in 1492. during this publication Thornton discusses intimately what percentage Indians there have been, the place they'd come from, and the way sleek scholarship in lots of disciplines might let us to make extra actual estimates of aboriginal populations.

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It only more or less represents the midpoint of the extremes of others. My own view is that it is somewhat low. I consider the upper point of the range to approach the actual population. I assert that the aboriginal population of the Western Hemisphere circa 1492 numbered at least 72 million and probably slightly more. My upward revision to, say, 72 + million is based on somewhat greater totals for most of the areas that Denevan lists, particularly, as I shall discuss, for North America, but also for the Mexican area (Cook and Borah, 197179; Dobyns, 1983), the Caribbean (Cook and Borah, 197179 : 1), and the Andes (Cook, 1981).

It seems reasonable that, as American Indians developed methods of exploiting natural environments, they also developed social regulations on population size. Malthus (1798 : 2643) himself argued that preventive checks on population growth were present among Indians, although he felt that the positive ones were more important in limiting size. Recent research indicates no relationship between population size and carrying capacity of their environments for aboriginal American Indian populations (Locay, 1983; also, however, Casteel, 1980).

These Europeans' reports are not credible when checked against one another. Credibility is not always dependent upon intent; one must also look at the methodological assumptions, sources, and procedures employed to obtain data. Demography checking is, of course, desirable also. In the scientific study of human populations demographers have produced abundant knowledge about populations and techniques to obtain such knowledge. Both should be used to scrutinize information about American Indian populations (see Smith, 1970).

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