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By Elizabeth Welsh (ed.)

Sedation and anaesthesia are a vital a part of veterinary perform. The protocols and strategies concerned are usually advanced and differ significantly from animal to animal. The veterinary nurse has a pivotal function in anaesthesia, being at once concerned prior to, in the course of and after the anaesthetic interval.

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Heart or cardiac muscle is no exception. At rest the interior of cardiac muscle cells are negative relative to the exterior so that the resting membrane potential is –90 mV. The electrolytes sodium, chloride, potassium and calcium are all important for normal cardiac function. Initial depolarisation of the cell takes place when sodium channels in the cell membrane open, increasing sodium permeability. The resting membrane potential becomes less negative due to an influx of positive sodium ions. The cell begins repolarising when the sodium gates close and negatively charged chloride ions begin to move into the cell.

The stress response ensures sufficient energy for tissues, facilitates water conservation and allows for healing (by increased protein synthesis) in the time following the noxious stimulus. Many patients with endocrine disease cannot mount an appropriate stress response. 4). 4 Management considerations for patients with endocrine disease. Disease Anaesthetic considerations Diabetes mellitus Correct ketoacidosis and fluid deficits prior to surgery Place IV cannula for easy access Follow patient’s normal insulin-feeding regime as closely as possible Give half dose insulin at premedication Detect hypoglycaemia by frequent blood glucose measurements during and after surgery.

CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM The heart is responsible for pumping blood around the body and consists of four chambers: two atria and two ventricles. Vessels carrying blood from the heart are called arteries, while those carrying blood to the heart are called 24 Anaesthesia for Veterinary Nurses veins. Lymphatics assist in returning fluid from the interstitial spaces to the blood. The cardiovascular system works in conjunction with the respiratory system to ensure delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues and removal of carbon dioxide and other waste products from the tissues.

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