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Tagmybus was founded in the summer of 2013. Two study friends came up with a system that made branding easy. After the company became active in the market in 2014, new products soon were added because customers indicated what they needed.


In short, after listening to customers, the product range and thus also the company grew. Now 4 years later, Tagmybus.com has an international status with a branch in the UK and Denmark and serves customers in more than 17 countries all over Europe from the Netherlands.

Tag Your Bus!

A question that is always asked by many coach companies is, “How can I brand my coaches quickly and cheaply without wasting valuable time off the road?” Well, we have the answer!


How can we do this?


Our unique system consists of two aluminium frames with a white powder coating and specially engineered 3M VHBTM acrylic foam transfer tape. The adhesive qualities have been extensively tested and can tolerate periodic short term exposures to temperatures of up to150°C, showing no effect on bond strength below its original performance level, even after exposure of 7000 hours during the weather meter testing.


Using this method of adhesive strips to fix the frame to the coach means no drilling and no coach damage, so it is completely safe with no worries of the frame falling off!


If needed we can also paint the frames using our RAL colour system to match your coach colour at an additional cost your tour operator and corporate clients a unique marketing

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“Generate an additional sale by offering your tour operator and corporate clients a unique marketing opportunity when travelling onboard the coach they have hired.”


Once your frames are attached, simply slide your boards, made from a robust DiBondTM material, into the frames making it possible to change advertising several times a day.


We only require your logo or coach hirers logo in a vector format and we will design the board layout and send you a PDF for approval. An added value service for you and your tour operator! “No advertising? No worries, rather leaving the frame empty, simply display your own reusable logo board in the frame.”

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